I went Vegan for 30 Days. And how did that change my life?

I have always been a vegetarian. I was not given a choice while growing up and when I had the choice, I did not want it any other way. 

So for more than 3 decades of my existence on this planet, I consumed a lot of dairy products. Milk, Yogurt, Butter, Cheese, Cream. On any given day, at least 3 of these items would be in my diet. 

Last year, I made fun of someone being Vegan. But got curious to know how anyone can give up consuming animal-based products. They are so much a part of your regular life. I started reading more about it. Watched a lot of videos. And about 3 months ago, I was convinced that I’m ready to go Vegan, at least for 30 days. Here’s what happened:


I did not feel any difference in the first 5-7 days. But by the end of it, I could tell the difference. Going Vegan basically meant I consume a lot of fruits and veggies, a lot of plant-based proteins and adopt substitutes for milk with almond or soy or coconut milk. With an increase in consumption of all this, I naturally felt lighter and more fit. There's no sluggishness. And I’m an early starter. My day begins between 4.45 am to 5 am. And I survive a job, a 5-year-old, 90 mins of physical activity, cooking and what not in 24 hours.  I no longer had cravings to take a nap in the afternoon.My 17-18 hour days seemed breezy!


This one was a big winner. Acne is anyone’s worst nightmare. They get on your face, stay there for a while, leave a mark behind and make you lose your confidence, even. I had given up on solving this problem in my life. I always assumed that acne would stay with me forever. Again, going vegan meant a lot of fruits and veggies. And “Fruits and veggies are bad for you”, said no one ever! 


This might be an extension of the earlier point. But you do see the difference in your face and the glow on it. In my case, perhaps I could see more of my skin than the acne on it! Again, all the plant-based goodness with more legumes, more fruits, more veggies- what could go wrong! 


I won't attribute all the success to veganism here. But I will confess that it helped. I kept my workouts and activity schedule the same as before I turned Vegan. That, with my changed diet, I lost more weight in those 30 days than I did before with the same set of an exercise schedule. It wasn’t a lot, just about 2.5 pounds. But I struggled to lose even a pound before that.

So….will I continue to be Vegan? Was it easy?  To be honest, I did not think it would be easy. But I was pleasantly surprised. I discovered more healthy food choices, recipes and ingredients. I didn’t miss my dairy intake at all. And now, I’m proud to say that I have decided to turn Vegan for life. It makes me feel great and looks great, why wouldn't I?

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